Adele – my same

de ruxache 15 aprilie 2010 1 comentariu

O piesa suuuuuuuuuuuuuper simpatica de la Adele. O tipa cu super voce, care a scos piesa aia tare, Chasing pavements, cu un videoclip pe masura. big grin Ascultare placuta!

You said I’m stubborn and I never give in
I think you’re stubborn ‘cept you’re always softening
You say I’m selfish, I agree with you on that
I think you’re giving out in way too much in fact

I say we’ve only known each other one year
You say I’ve known you longer my dear
You like to be so close, I like to be alone
I like to sit on chairs and you prefer the floor

Walking with each other, think we’ll never match at all, but we do
But we do, but we do, but we do

I thought I knew myself, somehow you know me more
I’ve never known this, never before
You’re the first to make up whenever we argue
I don’t know who I’d be if I didn’t know you
You’re so provocative, I’m so conservative
You’re so adventurous, I’m so very cautious, combining
You think we would and we do, but we do, but we do, but we do

Favouritism ain’t my thing but,
In this situation I’ll be glad…

Favouritism ain’t my thing but,in this situation I’ll be glad to make an exception


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id 18 aprilie 2010 at 2:07 pm

E atat de reusit „19” incat mi-e greu sa-mi aleg melodii preferate. Nu mai vorbesc despre coverul dupa „Make you feel my love” al lui Dylan.
Multam fain pentru recomadare. Keep them coming big grin


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